About Us

We are group of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our team comprises of experienced professionals of more than 15 years and above who served professionally in IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Banking, Telecom, Investment, Education, Research, Infrastructure, Retail, Automobile, Media, Insurance, Pharmacovigilence and Healthcare industry.

We started Sagavision Solutions based in Pune in the year 2009 when recession was a major cause of financial insecurity in business. We have proven and acclaimed with very high standard in the area of On The Job Training, Recruitment Consulting Services, Corporate Training Services, Franchise Development Services, Corporate Gifting Services and much more. Presently, We have our other location presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Guwahati. Sagavision Academy of Skill Development is an offshoot of Sagavision Solutions.

We provide Franchise for the entrepreneurs who wish to deal with Education and Training products and services in remote locations of India. This is to offer quality, trendy and recognized platform with very economic and productive structure on social perspective.